Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ji Hoon's 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday buddy!!  I've never seen any child more excited for their birthday then you.  You had an amazing ice cream themed birthday party with all your friends!!  It was a lot of work, but you made it all worth it because you were SOOOOO excited and happy that day!!!  There was lots of squealing and you ate more sweets this past weekend then you have in your entire life!  Not to mention, we started celebrating your birthday on Friday - it is Monday now and you just had your last birthday.

You bring so much joy to mommy, daddy, and Kylie bear!  You are so animated, full of life and such a  special little bad ass!!  We hope you keep that same spirit and it stays with you forever!! You can do and conquer anything in this world!  We love you buddy!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kylie Bear....timberrr!

Ji Hoon and Kylie,

This is one of my favorite moments of the both of you and daddy! 
Ji Hoon, you are almost three and Kylie bear - just four months - clearly you still did not have any head/upper body control.